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Paint Correction

Process of correcting blemishes, imperfections, scratches, and swirls

Small = Convertibles & Coupes   Medium = Sedans & Crossovers  Large = Trucks, Minivans, & SUVs

SystemX Paint Protection Coating :

  • Chemical Resistant/UV Protection

  • Eliminates the need for regular polishing or waxes

  • Increased gloss and longevity


It will entirely depend on the current condition of the vehicle. Some minor corrections may take 1-2 days, while serious corrections due to weathered and battered paint may more.


BBG Automotive will come to you and wash your car right where it is parked. You set the location and we will be there!



*Pricing varies based on the car, type, size, and other contributing factors

*Priced on Inspection (POI) to determine an accurate quote

Car Front


Here at BBG, we offer the best ceramic paint protection coatings available. As a SystemX certified and accredited ceramic coating installer we are able to protect any vehicle whether it’s new, pre-owned, or classic. A vehicle is the second most valuable asset, it is worth protecting to maintain its resale value while making maintenance much easier. BBG is proud to partner and offers the latest innovation in paint protection technology as a leader within the industry; SystemX offers paint, trim, interior, and glass protection coatings.

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Pet hair removel

Rachel E.

Could not be more pleased with the job. I have a dog who spends a lot of time in the car with me, and all the pet hair was gone. It smelled fresh, clean and the inside was spotless.