Paint Correction

The majority of vehicles regardless of age are due for some paint correction. Due to regular driving and road conditions, all vehicles collect dirt, debris, and grime which damages the clear coat. This along with improper washing technique leads to scratches, blemishes, and haziness in vehicle paint. 

In order to combat this, paint correction is needed to relevel the clearcoat to alleviate any scratches on the top layer until it is “scratch free.” Once unpigmented, there are a variety of sealants and protects to choose from. These include hand wax’s, sealants, or ceramic coatings for ultimate protection. Listed below are the steps needed when completing paint correction, hence why more time and money.


-Exterior Foam Soak

-Degrease Wheels and Wells

-Pressure Wash

-Exterior Reset Foam Hand Wash to strip wax, sealants, or protectants

-Iron X Treatment to remove imbedded iron particles and contaminants

-Hand Clay to lift imbedded debris such as tar, dirt, and grime in clearcoat

-High Speed Machine Cutting Compound w/ cutting pad(s)

-High Speed Machine Finishing Polish and/or Sealant w/ finishing pad(s)

-Selected Protectant in wax, sealant, or ceramic coating to finish product

*Most vehicle’s will require 8-10 hours to complete this process (a day’s booking) 

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