Car Interior


Maintenance Detail

Ideal to spot detail and maintain vehicles

Small = Convertibles & Coupes   Medium = Sedans & Crossovers  Large = Trucks, Minivans, & SUVs

What is included:

  • Snow foam pre-soak to loosen up dirt and grime

  • High-Pressure Rinse

  • Door jams wiped clean 

  • Two Bucket Method: to prevent cross-contamination and scratches

  • Wheels and tires to be cleaned with the application of tire dressing

  • Remove bug and tars on vehicle

  • Spray sealant to be applied for UV protection

  • Vehicle to be dried with microfiber waffle towel to ensure swirl-free process 

  • Compressed air blast to clean cracks and crevices  

  • Interior and trunk areas to be thoroughly vacuumed 

  • Dashboard, cloths, leather, trim, wood, and plastics to be wiped and cleaned

  • Glass and windows to be cleaned in and out


90 - 120 Minutes


BBG Automotive will come to you and wash your car right where it is parked. You set the location and we will be there!


Starting from $200.00*

*Pricing varies based on the car, type, size, and other contributing factors

*Priced on Inspection (POI) to determine an accurate quote

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We clean where your car is. Sit back, relax, and we'll handle the rest. 

Fall in love with your car all over again! 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Pet hair removel

Rachel E.

Could not be more pleased with the job. I have a dog who spends a lot of time in the car with me, and all the pet hair was gone. It smelled fresh, clean and the inside was spotless.