Maintenance CLub

Motto: #joinBBG

Reason: If you are one that treats your vehicle as an asset or someone who wishes to retain as much value of the vehicle when it comes to parting ways, it is always important to maintain and protect. Whether your vehicle needs rejuvenation, preparation, or maintenance; look to being a part of teamBBG. 

What it is: A custom and specific maintenance detail program for your vehicle, designed by you that suits you and your vehicle’s needs. 

Catch: Saves you big money, and keeps your ride clean and maintained for all conditions.
Restrictions: Vehicle must be seen at least once every 3 months/4x times a year

Pros: Much easier to maintain a vehicle when it's seen regularly, treat areas needing attention, cleaned, and protected for your next visit with your selected plan.
Saves you big money! Rather than spending a large sum in one or two visits a year to maintain your car, break it down into a plan that suits your needs and pocket while keeping your car clean longer!

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