Frequently asked questions? (FAQ) 

How do we evaluate your paint condition? 

With a professional “paint thickness gauge,” designed for precise and pinpoint measurements. This allows us to establish a foreground when approaching the paint correction process for your vehicle. These gauges allow valuable information regarding the history of the paint, and along with xenon light to closely examine the paint.



How long does a paint correction take?

It will entirely depend on the current condition of the vehicle's paint. Some minor corrections may take 1-2 days, while serious corrections due to weathered and battered paint may take dozens of hours leading to many days. 


How much to complete paint correction? 

Time and quality go hand in hand, as it really depends on how long it may take to fully correct your paint. All cars are different, we cannot use the same process on a BMW as a Honda due to variances in paint, size, etc. Be sure to touch base with us if you are interested in correcting your vehicle today!

Does paint correction damage or remove a lot of my paint? 

If completed by a professional with proper equipment, training, and technique the answer is no. See here at BBG, we know paint types, hardness, depth, and paired with the best car care product and modern technique leads to professional results guaranteed. Many imperfections are located within the first 5-10 microns of the clear coat/paint, while modern vehicles are equipped with 150-220 microns paint. With correct techniques and approach leads to minimal removal until the perfect finish is achieved. 

Why trust BBG to handle your vehicle?

Here at BBG, we treat every vehicle as if it were our own. This means no shortcuts or mishandling of client vehicles. We ensure proper procedures and techniques are used at every step of the way to deliver  100% client trust and satisfaction.